Incase Adam sees this.

Adam this is for you, because I know you're watching this site alot:

Fuck you, Before you start saying things you should say why, Dishonesty is the last thing I'd ever do, and I hate lying to people.

I hope you and your PRECIOUS Ashley have a VERY NICE LIFE, because I am just DONE with YOU!

I know you have like, problems too, everyone has problems, but don't fucking say "Ur so dishonest I don't wanna talk to u. breaking contact and deleting u from MSN now" to someone who's fucking willing to LISTEN, but you know what.

I'm better than this, and atleast I'm not a quitter when it comes to Education, Unlike you, who expects 100% Position on a place when you dropped school long ago.

Thank you and Goodbye, I don't need such friends, I've already had a shitty life, don't need more Drama in my life

- Your so dishonest EX-friend Leeza.



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07.feb.2009 kl.19:16

Hva har skjedd? :s


07.feb.2009 kl.23:39

bare masse dritt jeg ikke trenger I livet mitt. jeg sier Hei og han bare blir sur fordi han drev snakket med kjresten sin, whatever. Jeg bryr meg ikke lenger :)


08.feb.2009 kl.23:23

sv: det var egentlig ikke meninga. var inne p den profilen din ogs fikk jeg bare klikka der. sorry :)

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